Journal of Forensic Psychology

Journal of Forensic Psychology
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ISSN: 2475-319X


Editorial Board

  • Dr. Agostinho Francisco Leite De Almeida

    Dr. Agostinho Francisco Leite De Almeida
    Faculty Member of ISMAI
    Instituto Universitario Da Maia, Portugal

  • Masahiro Nishikawa

    Masahiro Nishikawa
    Vice President, Director Social Welfare Corporation, Clinical Psychologist
    Division of Suginami Institute of Counseling and Psychotherapy, Japan

  • Dr. Sheila Jane Foley

    Dr. Sheila Jane Foley
    School of education, human & health sciences assistant professor of criminal justice, psychology & sociology
    Bay Path University Longmeadow, USA

  • Dr. Bryanna Hahn Fox

    Dr. Bryanna Hahn Fox
    Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology
    University of South Florida, USA

  • Dr. Joni E. Johnston

    Dr. Joni E. Johnston
    Clinical and Forensic Psychologist
    President and CEO, WorkRelationships, USA

  • Dr. Jonathan K. Appel

    Dr. Jonathan K. Appel
    Professor, Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences
    Tiffin University, USA

  • Dr. Christophe Le Dantec

    Dr. Christophe Le Dantec
    Assistant Professor in Psychology and Neuroscience, Department of Psychology
    La Sierra University, USA

  • Dr. Gordon Arthur Crews

    Dr. Gordon Arthur Crews
    Professor of Criminal Justice & Criminology
    Tiffin University, USA

  • Dr. Robert A. Leark

    Dr. Robert A. Leark
    Alliant International University, USA

  • Dr. Gordon E. Taub

    Dr. Gordon E. Taub
    Licensed Psychologist
    University of Central Florida, USA

  • Dr. Sarah MacDonald

    Dr. Sarah MacDonald
    Forensic Psychologist
    Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre, Canada

  • Carlo Thomas

    Carlo Thomas
    Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist
    St Andrews Healthcare Nottinghamshire, UK

  • Dr. Nicola Bowes

    Dr. Nicola Bowes
    Forensic psychologist
    Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC), UK

  • Dr. Aine McKenna

    Dr. Aine McKenna
    Health and Psychology Educator
    Donegal Training Centre, UK

  • Dr. Robert Suslo

    Dr. Robert Suslo
    Adjunct Professor of Gerontology Unit, Department of Public Health
    Wroclaw Medical University, Poland

  • Dr. Andres Molero Chamizo

    Dr. Andres Molero Chamizo
    Professor, Department of Psychology
    Universidad de Huelva, Spain

  • Dr. Robert Maniglio

    Dr. Robert Maniglio
    Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology
    Mercatorum University, Italy

  • Dr. Sinisa Franjic.
    Faculty of Law
    International University of Brcko District, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Dr. Rania Gomaa

    Dr. Rania Gomaa
    Associate Professor
    University of Modern Sciences, UAE

  • Dr. Hossam A. Eid

    Dr. Hossam A. Eid
    Associate Professor, Department of Forensic Periodontics, College of Dentistry
    Gulf Medical University, UAE

  • Amin Gohary

    Amin Gohary
    Department of Paediatric Surgery Burjeel Hospital
    Abu Dhabi University, UAE

  • Dr. Umesh Bindal

    Dr. Umesh Bindal
    Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences
    Taylor University, Malaysia

  • Dr. Samar Abdelazim Ahmed

    Dr. Samar Abdelazim Ahmed
    Associate Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
    Ain Shams University, Egypt

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