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Citations Report - Journal of Food Processing & Technology [521 Articles]

The articles published in Journal of Food Processing & Technology have been cited 521 times by eminent researchers all around the world. Following is the list of articles that have cited the articles published in Journal of Food Processing & Technology.

Adikari AM, Nandasena WG, Nayananjalie WA, Jayathilaka BR. Effects of Feeding Frequency on Fat Deposition and Growth Performance in Broiler Chickens.

        Santana ET, Soares DF, Faria AM. Development of a Methodology for the Determination of Pesticide Residues in Cajá-Manga Pulp (Spondias dulcis L.) Using Solid-Liquid Extraction with Low-Temperature Partitioning. Journal of Chemistry. 2018;2018.

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        テ青・テ青ー テ青療青「, テ青堙青ーテ青ステ青ーテ堕テ堕テ青コテ青クテ青ケ テ青静青, テ青堙青ーテ青ステ青ーテ堕テ堕テ青コテ青ーテ堕 テ青療青, テ青ゥテ青オテ堕テ青アテ青ーテ青コテ青セテ青イ テ青静青, テ青ゥテ青オテ堕テ青アテ青ーテ青コテ青セテ青イテ青ー テ青陛青. テ青ュテ堕テ堕テ青オテ青コテ堕づ青クテ青イテ青ステ青セテ堕テ堕づ堕 テ青コテ堕ε青サテ堕古堕づ青クテ青イテ青クテ堕テ青セテ青イテ青ーテ青ステ青クテ堕 テ青アテ青ーテ青コテ堕づ青オテ堕テ青クテ青ケ テ堕テ青セテ青エテ青ー Paenibacillus mucilaginosus テ青ステ青ー テ青ソテ青クテ堕づ青ーテ堕づ青オテ青サテ堕古青ステ青セテ青ケ テ堕テ堕テ青オテ青エテ青オ テ青ステ青ー テ青セテ堕テ青ステ青セテ青イテ青オ テ堕テ青ーテ堕テ青ーテ堕テ青セテ青キテ堕. テ青敕青ーテ堕ε堕テ青ステ堕凝青ケ テ青カテ堕ε堕テ青ステ青ーテ青サ テ青敕青佚青」 テ青佚青「テ青愿青. テ青。テ青オテ堕テ青クテ堕 «テ青淌堕テ青セテ堕テ青オテ堕テ堕テ堕 テ青ク テ青ーテ青ソテ青ソテ青ーテ堕テ青ーテ堕づ堕 テ青ソテ青クテ堕嘉青オテ青イテ堕凝堕 テ青ソテ堕テ青セテ青クテ青キテ青イテ青セテ青エテ堕テ堕づ青イ». 2019(3).

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