Oral Health and Dental Management

Oral Health and Dental Management
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Hiro-O Ito

Hiro-O Ito

Hiro-O Ito
Professor and Chairman, Department of Preventive Dentistry
University of Tokushima, Japan


Dr. Hiro-O Ito received his D.D.S. degree from Osaka University School of Dentistry in 1983, and his Ph.D. degree in Periodontology in 1987 from Osaka University Graduate School of Dental Science. This was followed by a 2-year post doctoral work at IRSC-CNRS, Villejuif, France. He was Assistant Professor at Kyushu University (1993-1998), and Associate Professor at Kagoshima University (1998-2005). He is currently Professor at the Department of Preventive Dentistry in the Institute of Health Biosciences Graduate School, the University of Tokushima.

He is the member of Japanese Society for Oral Health, Japanese Society of Periodontology,, Japanese Association for Oral Biology, Japanese Society for Immunology, Japanese Society for Public Health, Japanese Society for Occupational Health, Japanese Dental Education Association, and International Association for Dental Research.

Research Interest

Relationship between periodontal health and cardiovascular diseases,
Mucosal Immunity in saliva and oral cavity,
Antibody production in periodontal infection,
Oxidative stress for periodontal health,
Immunological prevention of dental diseases,
Biomarkers in saliva and plasma for diagnostic applications.