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Dawen Gao

Dawen Gao

Dawen Gao
School of Forestry
Northeast Forestry University, China


Dr. Dawen Gao is an associate professor at the Northeast Forestry University in Harbin, China. January 2006-2007, he spent a year at Stanford as a visiting scholar in Professor Criddle’s research group. He received his M.S. in Environmental Engineering, and Ph.D. in Municipal Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology. His current research focuses on the fouling of membrane bioreactors (MBRs), including anaerobic and aerobic membrane bioreactors, investigating the relationship between the production of foulants and microbial community structure in MBRs, and the effects of changing bioreactor operational conditions to select against microbial populations that generate membrane foulants.

Research Interest

Wastewater treatment by environmental biotechnology.
Molecular biologic techniques for characterizing environmental microbial community.
Bioprocesses and bioremediation of soils and sediments with POPs.