Journal of Pharmacovigilance

Journal of Pharmacovigilance
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Sharmind Neelotpol

Department of Pharmacy, Brac University, Bangladesh

  • Research Article   
    Knowledge and Attitude about Pharmacovigilance: A Cross-sectional Study Involving Pharmacy Students of Selected Universities in Bangladesh
    Author(s): Sharmind Neelotpol*, Marzia Alam, Syeda Fahria Hoque Mimmi and Hamza Albee Md

    Purpose: Now-a-days, the role of Pharmacists has become more patient-centric that includes drug safety by preventing, identifying, documenting, and reporting of adverse drug reactions (ADRs). The objective of this study was to evaluate the knowledge of pharmacy undergraduate and graduate students of Bangladesh towards pharmacovigilance (PV) and their attitude on reporting of ADRs. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted by distributing a pretested questionnaire. The randomly selected participants of undergraduate and graduate pharmacy students from both public and private universities of Dhaka city, Bangladesh took part in the study. The data were analyzed by using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) for calculating descriptive statistics; the Pearson's Chi-square (χ2) test was performed to observe any significant difference between the public and private univ.. Read More»

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