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Shadlinskaya R.V.

Department of Pediatric Dentistry of Azerbaijan Medical University, Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Republic, Azerbaijan

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    The Evaluation of the Prevalence and Intensity of Dental Caries in β-thalassemia Major Patients
    Author(s): Shadlinskaya R.V.* and Zeynalova G.K.

    The study of the prevalence and intensity of dental caries in patients with hereditary blood diseases is one of the urgent problems of stomatology. About 5% of the world population has different variations in the alpha or beta chain molecule of hemoglobin. The mean values of the intensity of carious lesions of the teeth varied depending on the age of the patients. So, with increasing age, the difference in DMFT index also increased. Analysis of the components of the DMFT index showed a predominance of the percentage of carious teeth over the filled teeth in the first and second age groups of healthy patients and a significant predominance of untreated teeth in all three groups among patients with β-thalassemia major... Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2161-1122.19.9.545

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