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Biology and Medicine
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Raghavan PR

Department of Organic Chemistry, Oregon State University, USA

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    Metadichol® A Novel Inverse Agonist of Thyroid Receptor and its Applications in Thyroid Diseases
    Author(s): Raghavan PR*

    An estimated 200 million individuals worldwide have a thyroid disorder. Thyroid diseases affect seven times more women than men. People not diagnosed make up the majority of thyroid patients. There is a need to find novel and safe ways to change the underlying disease processes, rather than merely stop excess thyroid hormone production as in hypothyroidism. Metadichol® is a nano emulsion of an extract of long-chain alcohols from food that is an inverse agonist of VDR (Vitamin D receptor), AHR (Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor), and RORC (RAR Related Orphan Receptor C). The work presented here shows that Metadichol® is an inverse agonist of THRA (Thyroid Receptor Alpha) and THRB (Thyroid Receptor Beta). Case studies are presented that show how it can safely treat a multitue of thyroid related diseases. Network and pathway enrichment studies are presented that show how Metadichol® ma.. Read More»
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