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Journal of Tumour Research & Reports
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Negin Maleki

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    The Effect of Oleoropine on the Expression of the DNA of Methyl transferase (DNMT) in the Pancreatic Cancer
    Author(s): Amirhossein Alimohammadian* and Negin Maleki

    Malignancy is referred to today as a reason for mortality in cutting edge and immature nations. Numerous examinations point to the constructive outcome of olives as an unsaturated lipid against malignancy, which is additionally part of the Mediterranean eating routine. The phenolic mixes of olive oil, which have numerous restorative properties, incorporate mitigating hostile to an oxidant, against atherogenic against disease, against ischemic, lipid, antimicrobial and hostile to viral properties. Oleuropein comprises of hydroxytyrosol (3,4′- dihydroxyphenylethanol), elenolic corrosive, and glucose. The Memeli assortment of olive tree leaves was picked haphazardly from a similar tree developed in Zanjan (Iran). Oleuropein is a phenolic secoiridoid glycoside and a standout amongst the most plenteous bioactive segments contained in Olea europaea, which is known to balance a few onc.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/tumour-research.19.4.125

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