Journal of Eye Diseases and Disorders

Journal of Eye Diseases and Disorders
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ISSN: 2684-1622

Johnson K Gao

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, USA

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    A Homemade Herbal Beer Containing 15 Eye-Beneficial Herbs Designed for Glaucoma Patients and People with Bad Eye Circulations
    Author(s): Johnson K Gao*

    The blood supply of eyeball is mainly depending on a very thin central retinal artery and circulates back to the small vein, both of them are located in the center of the ocular nerve cord at the back of the eyeball, which is rather similar to a cherry fruit attached to a tiny stalk. It is an unreasonable design for our eye nutritional supply. The very thin central retinal artery with the diameter less than 1/5 mm is too heavy a burden to transport oxygen and nutrients to keep a well maintenance of the delicate retina, especially in the computer era with excessive radiation damage of the eyes. When the aged process goes on and the malnutrition status happens, such that high fatty food diet and wastes deposition onto the capillaries, that may cause blood vessels having micro-capillary clots forming, which is a subclinical blockage or narrowing of the diameter of those small arteries, v.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/ 2684-1622.19.4.127

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