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Journal of Infectious Diseases and Diagnosis
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Jiayi Zhang

Department of Physical Science and Technology, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, Gansu, China

  • Review Article   
    Considering New Methods for COVID-19 Resistance
    Author(s): Jiayi Zhang*

    COVID-19 causes great troubles to the society. Such disease is severe and acute with high mortality, leaving lesions even after it is cured. Vaccination is just a way to enhance human’s immunity, and human’s immunity has limitation, like human’s mobility can’t win that of a vehicle; therefore, vaccination is not enough to solve the problem, more creative solution is urgently in need. Since normal influenza viruses are also coronaviruses, being inspired by the idea that the competition between normal coronaviruses and COVID-19 may restrain the replication of COVID-19, after having investigated some literatures about ecology, immunity and virology, a new ecological idea to control the COVID-19 is proposed. But this is just an overall theory that needs more detailed works as well as a spur used to induce more valuable relevant researches, such as the effects of th.. Read More»

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