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Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering
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James Acquaye

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, JA Oilfield Manufacturing, USA

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    Mathematical Modeling of Axial Oscillation Tools in High-Angle Wells
    Author(s): Emmanuel Omojuwa*, Ramadan Ahmed and James Acquaye

    Experimental and field studies continue to demonstrate that downhole vibrations induced by axial oscillation tools (AOTs) in the drill string are the most efficient method for reducing friction and improving axial force transfer in high-angle and extended-reach wells. Modelling the dynamic response of AOT-involving drill string systems is of high importance for validating functional tests of oscillation tools and predicting their performance under downhole conditions. This study presents a mathematical model used for predicting the dynamic response of axial oscillationsupported drill string (AOSD) systems under the surface and downhole conditions. The model is useful to perform placement analysis of axial oscillation tools within the bottom hole assembly. Nonlinear equations of motion and introduction of displacement excitation in the model development make it dif.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2168-9873.19.8.316

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