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Modern Chemistry & Applications
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Ibezim-Ezeani Millicent Uzoamaka

Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry, University of Port Harcourt, Choba, Nigeria

  • Research Article   
    Tri-Carboxylic Acid Red Onion (Allium cepa) Skin Extract Resin for the Removal of Chromium (VI) Ion from Aqueous Solution
    Author(s): Ibezim-Ezeani Millicent Uzoamaka*, Onyeogulu Chibuike and Akaranta Onyewuchi

    This study investigates the removal of chromium (VI) ions from aqueous solution using resin synthesized by modifying red onion skin extract with a tri-carboxylic acid (citric acid). The performance of citric acid red onion skin extract resin (CRER) in the removal process was examined based on the effect of temperature (302 to 343 K), agitation time (10 to 60 min) and initial ion concentration (2 to 100 mg/L). Data analysis from agitation time experiments showed that equilibrium adsorption was attained within 30 min. Maximum percentage adsorption was observed at 313 K, while the percentage ion adsorbed increased with increase in initial concentrations of Cr (VI) ions. The experimental data were subjected to Langmuir, Freundlich and Temkin isotherm models evaluation; and the deductions from the correlation coefficient (R2) of the plots showed that Freundlich isotherm model re.. Read More»

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