Review of Public Administration and Management

Review of Public Administration and Management
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Hina Danish

Department of Public Administration, University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

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    The Impact of Workplace Incivility in Public Organizations on Customer Satisfaction
    Author(s): Hina Danish*

    This research has been conducted to explore the impact of workplace incivility in public organizations on customers’ satisfaction. The independent variables are customer-related incivility and work-related incivility; and the dependent variable is customer satisfaction. Customer-related incivility includes displaying discourteous behavior towards customers; avoid resolving customer complaints, showing gender biasness when dealing with customers, etc. Work-related incivility includes reporting to work late, being absent from work, leaving office early than official office timings, etc. The data has been collected from customers of public organizations of Lahore, Pakistan. Researcher used primary source of data collection i.e., questionnaires, with the assurance of authenticity and reliability. The responses of the employees are kept confidential. Researcher developed following hy.. Read More»

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