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Greg Plunkett

Allergy Consultant, Pflugerville, Texas, USA

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    Anti-Ovalbumin antibody production in mice following transdermal treatment
    Author(s): Greg Plunkett*, Henry Legere, Peter Hurwitz and James Strader

    Background: Management of allergic rhinitis includes avoiding the exposure of allergens combined with drug therapy. For the patients that do not have substantial relief in allergic rhinitis symptoms or incur side effects, subcutaneous and sublingual immunotherapy can be a second line of treatment. Objective: This study evaluated a topical route of immunotherapy administration of allergen through the skin which may be beneficial in treating allergic rhinitis. IgE, IgG and lymph node T cell responses in mice were studied using ovalbumin mixed with topical transdermal cream formulations containing a potential immune modulator applied to the skin. Methods: BALB/c mice were immunized with Ovalbumin (OVA) mixed with alum to induce an IgE response. After 14 days ovalbumin mixes with topical creams containing Toll-like re.. Read More»

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