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Zdenek Pelikan

Zdenek Pelikan
Allergy Research Foundation, Effenseweg 42, 4838 BB Breda,

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    Protective Effects of Oral Disodium Cromoglycate on the Asthmatic Responses Induced by Food Allergy
    Author(s): Zdenek PelikanZdenek Pelikan

    Background: The food allergy can also participate in the pathological mechanism underlying the bronchial asthma. This should ultimately be confirmed by food ingestion challenge combined with monitoring of lung function (FVC and FEV1), demonstrating the particular types of asthmatic response to ingested foods. The oral disodium cromoglygate (DSCG, Nalcrom®) has been shown to be effective drug in prevention of food allergy. Methods: In 62 randomly selected patients with bronchial asthma developing 62 asthmatic responses to food ingestion challenge (17 immediate, IAR, p<0.01; 21 late, LAR, p<0.001; 8 dual late, DLAR, p<0.05; 11 delayed, DYAR, p<0.05; and 5 dual delayed DDYAR, p<0.05), the food ingestion challenges have been repeated twice, after the pretreatment with oral DSCG and after pretreatment with oral placebo. The study was performed according the dou.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-6121.1000163

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