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Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering
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Wright CI

Wright CI
Research and Development, Global Group of Companies,
Cold Meece, Staffordshire
United Kingdom

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    Comparing the Thermal Stability and Oxidative State of Mineral and Biphenyl Diphenyl Oxide Based Heat Transfer Fluids
    Author(s): Wright CIWright CI

    Many industrial processes (i.e., concentrated solar power [CSP] plants) require indirect heating of the product to temperature above ambient temperature. A heat transfer fluid (HTF), such as a mineral-based fluid like GlobalthermTM M (Global Heat Transfer; Staffordshire, UK), is used in such plants and flows from the heater to source requiring the heat. Not all HTFs are the same, however, and so understanding the difference between fluids is important to ensure that end-users use the correct fluid for the correct operation. This is especially true in CSP plants where HTFs operate at high temperatures for long periods of time and therefore need to be stable under such conditions. Indeed, biphenyl diphenyl oxide (BDO) mixtures are commonly used in CSP plants as they can be heated to 400 degrees Celsius, which is higher than the upper operating temperature for a mineral-based HTF (i.e., .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9873.1000187

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