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Advances in Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety
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Wael Khamas

Wael Khamas


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    The Potential Effect of L-arginine on Mice Placenta
    Author(s): Mohanad A Al-Bayati, Marawan A Ahmad and Wael KhamasMohanad A Al-Bayati, Marawan A Ahmad and Wael Khamas

    L-arginine-nitric oxide pathway has emerged as novel regulators of several vital roles in the reproductive function which comprise pregnancy events, such as placental development. This study was done to pharmacologically enhance the performance of female reproductive system by using L-arginine powder as forerunner of nitric oxide. The study protocol consists of total number of 96 pregnant mice divided equally into two main groups (48 animals per group) and handled as follows: 1st Control group given normal saline orally daily and 2nd L-arginine dosed group 200 mg/kg BW 20% orally daily, both groups were randomly divided into four subgroup according to dosed period of pregnancy term, the dosed periods were 1-15 days, 7-15 days, 7-21 days and 15-21 days. Several parameters were evaluated and displayed the following results: L-arginine concentration in uterine .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-1052.1000150

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