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Touseef A. Ansari

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    Biogas from Slaughterhouse Waste: Towards an Energy Self-Sufficient Industry with Economical Analysis in India
    Author(s): Javed Ahmad and Touseef A. AnsariJaved Ahmad and Touseef A. Ansari

    Energy is the driving force for development in all countries of the world. Biochemical processes, like anaerobic digestion, can also produce clean energy in the form of biogas which can be converted to power. Using advanced and recent technologies it is now possible to develop eco-friendly processes in addition to treatment of wastewater generated by slaughter houses. The presented paper is an account of methods to control water pollution using biotechnological processes and its use to producing biogas. Use of UASB plant in large industry will fetch considerable profit to the industry in terms of energy savings. The approach promises a clean environment and better life standard.   These methods offer two important benefits of environmentally safe waste management and disposal, as well as the generation of clean electric power and fertilizer. These methods would impr.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/1948-5948.S12-001

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