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Toshiharu Hayashi

Toshiharu Hayashi
Laboratory of Veterinary Pathology, Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
1677-1 Yoshida, Yamaguchi 753-8515

  • Review Article
    Molecular Mechanisms of Metaplasia, Differentiation and Hyperplasia of Goblet Cellin Allergic Asthma
    Author(s): Toshiharu HayashiToshiharu Hayashi

    Bronchial allergic asthma (asthma) is an airway inflammation characterized by airflow obstruction of variable degrees with bronchial hyper-responsiveness and is induced by a complex interaction of environmental and genetic factors. Asthma of the human can be divided into an immediate- and a late-phase reaction, and some of the patients develop a late-phase reaction after a symptom-free interval. Hallmarks of asthma are mucus overproduction by goblet cells associated with responses of helper T(Th)2 cells. Mucus hypersecretion from goblet cells themselves or by metaplasia and/or hyperplasia of goblet cells appears to be associated with disease severity in asthma, because mucus production by those cells in local bronchial–bronchiolar lesions causes airway mucus plugging. However, the mechanisms of mucus production are not fully understood. Molecular mechanisms of goblet cell metapl.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-6121.1000121

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