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Thomas P. West

Thomas P. West
Department of Biology and Microbiology, South Dakota State University, Box 2104A, Brookings, SD 57007,

  • Editorial
    Crude Glycerol: A Feedstock for Organic Acid Production by Microbial Bioconversion
    Author(s): Thomas P. WestThomas P. West

    As the global production of biodiesel as a fuel continues to increase, this will also result in a surplus of the co-products of this process. The co-product stream of biodiesel production usually includes glycerol, fatty acids and methylesters of fatty acids which is referred to as crude glycerol. During the production of vegetable oil-based biodiesel, the transesterification of the oil results in crude glycerol being formed at about 10% in weight. As the demand for biodiesel continues to increase, it will be necessary to learn whether the co-product crude glycerol, with a current price of $0.05/pound, can serve as a feedstock for subsequent microbial bioconversion into commercially valuable organic acids such as citric acid, oxalic acid, succinic.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/1948-5948.1000e106

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