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Stepniewska Zofia

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    Subchronic Effects of Ectoine on Survival, Growth and Physiological Parameters of Daphnia Magna
    Author(s): Bownik Adam and Stepniewska ZofiaBownik Adam and Stepniewska Zofia

    Ectoine (ECT) is an osmoprotectant produced and accumulated by halophilic bateria under hyperosmotic stress. There is a lack of knowledge on the effect induced by this amino acid during subchronic animal exposure to ECT in vivo. Therefore, the aim the present study was to determine influence of ECT on survival, motility, physiological activity (heart rate, thoracic limb activity, and mandible movement rate), growth rate and moulting of unfed and fed with normal diet Daphnia magna exposed for 10 days to 2.5, 4, 20 and 25 mg/L ECT. The results showed that survival of unfed animals exposed to 25 mgL ECT was decreased; however it was increased at lower concentrations of the amino acid when compared to the control. 20 and 25 mg/L of ECT significantly decreased swimming velocity, heart rate and thoracic limb activity and mandible movement rate. On the other hand, the osmoprotectant did&rsqu.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9546.1000352

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