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Slavik Avagyan

Slavik Avagyan
National Polytechnic University of Armenia, Gyumri Campus,

  • Commentary
    New Model on the Formation of the Solar System
    Author(s): Slavik AvagyanSlavik Avagyan

    In this work a new model of the origin of the Solar system is given. The fact that the Solar system emerged from a single stream (branch) of dust and gas, which in the scale of the Universe performed translational motion, is the cornerstone of the model. The proposed model gives a chance to answer questions on which answers are still not given: The paradox of angular momentum The paradox of planets being on a single plane The paradox of the Titius-Bode Law, etc. In the work, it is also proved that: Protosun, during its evolution, contracted not less, than the number of planets. Protoplanets originated after each contraction of the Protosun, in the order of their distance from the Sun... Read More»

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