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Biological Systems: Open Access
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Scott Waring

Scott Waring
Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Great Lakes College,

  • Review Article
    Quantum Biology: A Scientific Revolution in our Understanding of Biological Systems
    Author(s): Scott WaringScott Waring

    Until recently, the complexities of biological processes and systems have emphasized classifications and empirical rules, that have lacked explanatory power and been limited by many exceptions. On the other hand, modern physics and quantum physics in particular, has a universal capacity to explain physical interactions down to the subatomic scale, including biological processes and systems. The scientific field of biology has succeeded over the past decades in explaining macroscopic phenomena that are based on an improved understanding of molecular structures and behaviours. Likewise, quantum physics has provided a non-classical approach to unintuitive characteristics, and has recently been directed towards systems of increasing complexity. With the rise of high performance computing, the field of quantum biology has rapidly developed in recent years to ch.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-6577.1000185

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