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    The Importance of Waste Management Knowledge to Encourage Household Waste-Sorting Behaviour in Indonesia
    Author(s): Zakianis and SabarinahZakianis and Sabarinah

    Waste sorting behavior in Indonesia is still low and becomes the reason of the government policy enactment about recycling programme through waste bank which unfortunately only 30% of it works regularly. The main problem of recycling in waste bank is the households doesn’t have waste separation behavior, thus all the solid waste gets mixed. Design of study is a cross-sectional with secondary data from the 2013 Survei Perilaku Peduli Lingkungan (Environmental Care Behavior Survey - SPPLH) from Statistics Indonesia. The study used logistic regression test. Variables related to waste sorting behavior were knowledge about managing household waste, environmental value, and demography variables. Waste sorting behavior at the household level in Indonesia is only 9% with waste management knowledge, which relates to waste sorting behavior as the dominant factor (p<0.05). Improving was.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2252-5211.1000309

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