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Review of Public Administration and Management
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Richard M. O’Neill

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    Systems-Centered Management: A Brief Review of Theory, Practice and Research
    Author(s): Richard M. O’NeillRichard M. O’Neill

    A theory is useful to the extent that it allows for new understanding and more effective solution of problems,such as improving morale and increasing organizational member participation in problem-solving under stressful conditions. Systems-Centered theory and practice are hypothesized to be useful to management of human systems in all contexts. In organizational contexts, the systems-centered approach presents an innovative approach to leadership, organizational structure and teamwork to improve performance. The goal of this paper is to introduce systems-centered theory and practice as well as to review the empirical studies of SCT methods including studies of comparative training group and work group performance and the unique, cardinal SCT method of functional subgrouping. We found preliminary, significant support for SCT hypotheses and methodology... Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2315-7844.1000144

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