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Refaat G. Hamzaa

Refaat G. Hamzaa
Atomic Energy Authority,
3 Ahmed El Zomor St., El Zohour District, 8th District, Nasr City, Cairo

  • Research Article
    Using of Coffee and Cardamom Mixture to Ameliorate Oxidative Stress Induced in γ-irradiated Rats
    Author(s): Refaat G. Hamzaa and Nadia N. OsmanRefaat G. Hamzaa and Nadia N. Osman

    Human exposure to ionizing radiation induced overproduction of free radicals leading to oxidative stress. This study aims to evaluate the possibility of using of coffee and cardamom mixture, as natural antioxidant compounds, to ameliorate the damage effect of oxidative stress. Phenolic contents in coffee and essential oils in cardamom were identified by using HPLC chromatography and GC/MS analysis. Four groups of adult male rats were used; the control group (A), the second group (B) received orally mixture extract of coffee and cardamom (60 mg/100g body weight) for 8 weeks, the third group (C) γ-irradiated (6 GY) and the fourth group (D) received orally mixture extract for 8 weeks and exposed to γ-irradiation at the 4th week. The results revealed that the administration of mixture extract of coffee and cardamom were significantly reduced the damage effect induced by &gamma.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2161-1009.1000113

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