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Quratulain Yousaf

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    Clinical Attributes of Pedophilia-A Mental Illness and Psychopharmacological Approaches to Hit Pedophiles
    Author(s): Nabiha Khalid and Quratulain YousafNabiha Khalid and Quratulain Yousaf

    Pedophilia is a mental ataxia and psychotic anarchy associated with more sexual interest in prepubescent children. Pedophiles have impaired frontal lobes, hippocampus and amygdala linked with cognitive defects, antisocial and violent behaviour. These pedophiles have abnormal level of testosterone production that causes the sexual urgency in them. Besides psychotherapies, several drugs and pharmacological approaches have been designed for the treatment of pedophiles. Sexual assault and child molestation by these pedophiles is one of the current issue and every country is the victim of these pedophiles and different cases have been reported worldwide as well as in Pakistan. This paper highlights the basic aspects of pedophiles, their mental state, clinical features and different initiatives taken by policymakers to control child abuse... Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2471-2663.18.4.141

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