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PV Sivapullaiah

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    Municipal Solid Waste Landfills Construction and Management-A Few Concerns
    Author(s): PV Sivapullaiah, B.P. Naveen and TG SitharamPV Sivapullaiah, B.P. Naveen and TG Sitharam

    In Bangalore city, one of the major problems is municipal solid management (MSW) due to ever increasing waste quantity along with its changing waste characteristics. Municipal solid waste includes non-hazardous waste generated in house, institutions, commercial and business establishments in an urban area. As city grow and produce more municipal solid waste and their waste collection systems become more efficient, due the environmental impact from dump site becomes increasingly intolerable. A report on waste management prepared for the Government of India (1998) by a sub-committee of the Supreme Court describes this as a serious situation. The municipal bodies in Bangalore have been unable to manage the rapid changes that have led to both increased waste quantities and changes in the waste composition this leading to an over-loading of the service. MSW rul.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2252-5211.1000214

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