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Prathamesh Bharat Helkar

  • Review Article
    Review: Food Industry By-Products used as a Functional Food Ingredients
    Author(s): Prathamesh Bharat Helkar, AK Sahoo and NJ PatilPrathamesh Bharat Helkar, AK Sahoo and NJ Patil

    The food industry generate large amount of wastes or by-products annually around the world from a variety of sources. In that food wastes or by-products are an excellent source of nutraceuticals, bioactives, inherently functional and possess many components that are good for human health. Food wastes or by-products convert to the functional food ingredients it is the healthy trends in the food industry. The waste management is one of the major parts of food industries. The large volume of the low cost by-product gives economical advantage of its potentially valuable components and environmental benefits. Therefore, the recovery of by-products to health beneficial product and economic benefit to labour, stakeholder and country. As people become increasingly aware of the relation between diet and good health. Consumer attitude towards health foods is promising development and the scope of .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2252-5211.1000248

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