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Potrc S

Potrc S


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    Generating Aptamers for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy
    Author(s): Marolt U, Cencic A, Gorenjak M and Potrc SMarolt U, Cencic A, Gorenjak M and Potrc S

    Aptamers are single-stranded dna or rna oligonucleotides or peptides that are capable of binding to specific target proteins. Aptamers are generated in a process named selex or cell-selex. They resemble antigens in respect of their highly specific binding in the lower nanomolar and/or picomolar range. In contrast to antibodies, they can be generated in vitro, are more stable molecules and have less immunogenicity, better tissue penetration and faster clearance. Aptamers can be applied in many conditions, one of them being cancer medicine, because of their ability to detect cell-specific markers within complex systems that have no specified target molecules. Moreover, aptamers can be used as therapeutic agents, which are indirectly or directly conjugated with drugs, due to their toxic, inhibitory or activating effect on target cells.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2161-1459.1000111

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