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Peter Abrahamson

Peter Abrahamson

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  • Case Report
    Advantages of a Universal and Generous Family Policy: The Case of Denmark
    Author(s): Peter AbrahamsonPeter Abrahamson

    Since WWII Europeans have enjoyed a cumulative expansion of social citizenship rights. The sequencing of types of entitlement is the same everywhere, and family benefits are the last to be granted indicating a well-developed welfare society. Societies vary with respect to the extension of family allowances, child and elderly care and tax policies towards families. The Scandinavian region is a for-runner because of a combined effort of generous universal transfers and services, which has led a family (or women) friendly welfare state. The result is a high female labor market participation rate since generous policies allow women both to be mothers and workers and has resulted in a relatively high absolute fertility rate of 1.9; up from 1.4 in 1983 when the expansion of social services for families took off. The family welfare package has also resulted in low child poverty. Unfortunatel.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2375-4273.1000167

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