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Nadir Suhail

Nadir Suhail


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    How to Prevent Hepatitis B in Pakistan: Role of Social Marketing
    Author(s): Nadir Suhail, Sumera Aziz Ali and Savera Aziz AliNadir Suhail, Sumera Aziz Ali and Savera Aziz Ali

    Hepatitis B is a deadly infectious disease, which is increasing now days in Pakistan. This disease is also rooted in the poverty and illiteracy. There are huge discrepancies in health conditions between rural and urban areas and among different socio-economic strata, played role in increased burden of this deadly disease. Furthermore, multiple social and cultural barriers are prevailing in the country might have played an important role in increasing the burden of this disease in the society. The most important step is to target high risk groups including injection drug users, health workers and recipients of blood transfusion. The first step is to change the behaviour of these high risk groups through education and counselling by adapting the innovative approaches. One of these strategies is social marketing, which might help people to change their behaviour. Thus, the purpose of thi.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2576-389X.1000106

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