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Monica Butnariu

Monica Butnariu

“Regele Mihai I al Romanei” Timisoara, Romania. 300645, Calea Aradului 119, Timis

  • Editorial
    The Organosulphur Composition of Allium Separated by Different Analytical Methods
    Author(s): Marius Pentea and Monica ButnariuMarius Pentea and Monica Butnariu

    Various procedures have been examined for the separation of the compound formed in solution Alliacee cut plants. To prepare an extract, the product id squeezed through a nylon mesh, saturated in NaCl and shaken twice with dichloromethane, filtering and centrifuging each time. The dichloromethane extracts were combined, dried and concentrated in vacuum at room temperature and then analyzed by HPLC and FT–RMN and/or GC (modified injector). Supercritical carbon dioxide can also be used as solvent extraction. For the preparation of a distillate at room temperature, the homogenate is subjected to a distillation using an oil bath to keep the container at room temperature. The distillate is colored to –196°C, saturated with NaCl, extracted and analyzed. For a particular plant extracts and distillates obtained at room temperature, they were si.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2161-1009.1000e149

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