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Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination
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Merita Kucuku

Merita Kucuku
National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices,

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    Regulatory System: Safety and Efficacy of Vaccines
    Author(s): Merita KucukuMerita Kucuku

    Today the types and number of vaccines in immunization schedule and in the market are increasing. The vaccination applied at first day of life and continues in different ages during life, in healthy people and by many states is mandatory for school entry requirements. It is the reason that the safety and efficacy of vaccines are very important and the much discussed issue in the world. Some country time after time face unfavorable situation for vaccination. The technology of information is very developed and people can get information for immunization and vaccines in different ways as journal, internet, TV, social media, newspaper, discussion between each other etc. which have an impact. Not always the information is right, but unfortunately this can cause panic and damage the system of immunization in the country and sometimes in the world. It is very important to prepare the situati.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7560.1000380

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