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Melese Gezahegn Tesemma

Melese Gezahegn Tesemma
Jimma University Medical Center,

  • Case Report
    Singleton Partial Molar Pregnancy Delivered in Third Trimester: A Case Report
    Author(s): Melese Gezahegn TesemmaMelese Gezahegn Tesemma

    Background: A partial mole is the result of fertilization of a haploid ovum by two sperms or duplication of one sperm, resulting in a triploid karyotype (69 XXY, 69 XXX, 69 XYY). To date, there are very few cases of histo-pathologically confirmed partial moles with diploid karyotypes which survived. This case is reported to highlight the rarest variant of partial molar pregnancy. Case presentation: Here we present a case of singleton partial molar pregnancy co-existing with a live fetus delivered to an 18 years old primigravida lady at Jimma university medical center (JUMC) after amenorrhea of 8 months. She presented with eclamptic seizure for which she was admitted with a diagnosis of Eclampsia in 3rd trimester pregnancy. Malpresentation (breech) with? Abruptio placenta to rule out partial mole was considered initially. Cesarean section (C/.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2573-4598.19.5.147

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