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M Jouki

M Jouki

Shahr-e-qods Branch, Tehran, I. R, P.O. Box: 37515-374
West Indies

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    Lipid Oxidation and Color Changes of Fresh Camel Meat Stored Under Different Atmosphere Packaging Systems
    Author(s): M Jouki and N KhazaeiM Jouki and N Khazaei

    Lipid oxidation, color and sensory attributes of fresh camel meat stored at 4˚C were affected by modified atmosphere packaging conditions (AP: Air packaging, VP: Vacuum packaging, MAP: 60% CO2+40% N2). The a* value were lower in samples packed under vacuum than in the other groups. Modified atmosphere packaging camel meat had no significantly (P<0.05) different TBARS value and the levels of TBARS were not positively correlated with storage time. Our study showed that even though oxidative rancidity (TBARS) increased with storage time in air-packaged samples, it did not result the deterioration of sensory quality until day 14. Sensory panel results were in general agreement with the  physicochemical changes, suggesting that the MAP had a significant impact on the quality of refrigerated camel meat. Modified atmosphere packaging of fresh camel meat a.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7110.1000189

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