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Li Zhang

Li Zhang

Li Zhang Centre for Health Practice Innovation and Griffith Health Institute Griffith University Nathan Australia E-mail:[email protected]


Dr . Li Zhang is a clinical microbiological researcher holding a PhD degree in Microbiology from Griffith University, Australia, and a Bachelor of Medicine from Dalian University, China.She has published more than 30 articles. She has done NHMRC research projects like Intravascular device administration sets: Replacement after Standard Versus Prolonged use (RSVP Trial), Accuracy and potential usefulness of molecular detection for improving diagnosis of IVD-related infections and Other funded projects like Arterial catheter biofilm and catheter related infections, Microbiological investigation of clinically used peripheral venous catheters,A novel RT-PCR based approach for the detection and quantification of bacterial biofilms on intravascular devices, Pre-clinical testing of the AutoStart Burette for use with intravascular devices: comparison with standard burette technology, Comparison of the bacterial community on ACs and CVCs from hospitalised patients in ICUs. She is specialized in clinical microbiology, molecular microbiology, catheter related bloodstream infections and biofilms.

Research Interest

PCR Biofilms
Bacterial Cell Culture
Microbial Ecology
Molecular Bacteriology
Biofilm Formation
General Microbiology
Gel Electrophoresis
Microbial Isolation
Microbial Diversity
DNA Cultivation
Clone Libraries
Microorganism Identification
DNA Extraction
Molecular Microbial Ecology

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