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Bioenergetics: Open Access
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Kunshan Gao

Kunshan Gao
State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science,
Xiamen, 361005

  • Mini Review
    Changes in Bioenergetics Associated with Ocean Acidification and Climate Changes
    Author(s): Kunshan GaoKunshan Gao

    Ocean global changes, including CO2-triggered ocean acidification and warming as well as associated changes in physical and chemical environments affect metabolisms of marine organisms and increase their energetic demand to cope with the environmental stresses. Phytoplankton species grown under ocean acidification conditions alter their metabolic pathways, down-regulating their CO2 concentrating mechanisms, up-regulating photorespiration and heatdissipating processes and generating extra energy by degrading accumulated phenolic compounds, which are toxic and can be transferred to higher trophic levels, changing food quality. Calcifying algae, under influence of ocean acidification, need more energy to maintain their calcification and to synthesize UV screening compounds due to reduced thickness of the calcified "shell". Changes in the bioenergetics with exacerbating ocean gl.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-7662.1000147

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