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Kumar S

Kumar S

United Arab Emirates

  • Case Report
    Thimble Urinary Bladder: Effect of Complicated UTI or Naswar, a Dilemma-A Case Report
    Author(s): Khan I, Sirsat J, Kumar S and Derecho RKhan I, Sirsat J, Kumar S and Derecho R

    Normal urinary bladder capacity is very important for the maintenance of normal voiding pattern. Reduced bladder capacity disturbs reservoir function of urinary bladder. Patient may suffer from frequency of urination, urgency and even incontinence. It makes life of the patient miserable. Bladder capacity can be markedly affected in different conditions. One such important condition is Genitourinary Tuberculosis, which reduces the bladder capacity up to 10-15 ml. Other conditions may be interstitial cystitis and Bilharziasis. We describe here a case of Thimble bladder (10-12 ml capacity only) which was not due to genitourinary tuberculosis but may be a sequelae of NASWAR (smokeless tobacco) or complicated cystitis. This case is a dilemma and hopes to generate a discussion and interest for further studies into the topic. .. Read More»

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