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Jean-Claude Perez

Jean-Claude Perez
Computer Science, Retired Interdisciplinary Researcher (IBM Emeritus),
7 Avenue de terre-rouge F33127 Martignas Bordeaux Metropole

  • Research Article
    The Optimal Multi-Isotopic Atomic Code of Life: Perspectives in Astrobiology
    Author(s): Jean-Claude PerezJean-Claude Perez

    Background: At the starting of this research, we found it abnormal that life needed 3 different Biological languages to code the information of the living: DNA, RNA, and amino acids, language of proteins. Results: The discovery of a simple numerical formula for the projection of all the atomic mass of life-sustaining CONHSP bio atoms leads to the emergence of a set of Nested CODES unifying all the biological, genetic and genomic components by unifying them from bio atoms up to whole genomes. In particular, we demonstrate the existence of a digital meta-code common to the three languages of biology that are RNA, DNA and amino acid sequences. Through this meta-code, genomic and proteomic images appear almost analogous and correlated. The analysis of the textures of these images then reveals a binary code as well as an undulatory code whose analys.. Read More»

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