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Hope Northrup

Hope Northrup


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    Genetic Complexity of Human Myelomeningocele
    Author(s): Kit Sing Au and Hope NorthrupKit Sing Au and Hope Northrup

    Myelomeningocele (MM) is the most severe form of lumbosacral open neural tube defect (NTD) compatible with survival and it results in various degrees of disability. Approximately 4 in 10,000 live births are affected in the United States (US). Mexican Americans, the fastest growing ethnic population in the US, have the highest prevalence rate for NTDs follows by Caucasian Americans. Occurrence of MM represents a significant economic and public health burden in the US. Both genetic and environmental factors contribute to the development of MM. The genetic contribution to NTD is complex. Over 205 genetic loci are implicated in mouse mutants and strains. Majority of mouse NTDs affect the rostral CNS and only a handful present only spina bifida. In contrast, the genetic variability and molecular mechanism(s) in the development of MM in humans are largely unknown. The contribution of de nov.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2161-1041.1000116

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