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Gamil A. Amin

Gamil A. Amin

Saudi Arabia

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    Integrated Two-Stage Process for Biodesulfurization of Model Oil by Vertical Rotating Immobilized Cell Reactor with the Bacterium Rhodococcus erythropolis
    Author(s): Gamil A. AminGamil A. Amin

    A single vertical rotating immobilized cell reactor (VRICR) with the bacterium R. erythropolis, as a biocatalyst, was developed and used for investigation of biodesulfurization process with its two successive stages of cell growth and desulfurization activity. With a rotation speed of 15 rpm and oxygen transfer rate of 90 mM O2.l-1.h-1, immobilized cell concentration of up to 70.0 g.l-1 was achieved during the first stage and further used, in the second, to carry out a stable continuous desulfurization of model oil (dibenzothiophene in hexadecane). A steady state with specific desulfurization rate as high as 167 mM 2HBP.Kg-1.h-1 and sulfur removal efficiency of 100% were maintained for more than 120 h. The proposed integrated biodesulfurization process utilizing the VRICR has the potential to lower operating costs and support possibilities of commercial application at the expense of H.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7463.1000107

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