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Francis Phiri

Francis Phiri
Wuxi Fisheries College,
Wuxi, Jiangsu

  • Research Article
    Economic Profitability of Tilapia Production in Malawi and China
    Author(s): Francis Phiri and Xinhua YuanFrancis Phiri and Xinhua Yuan

    This study was conducted to analyse the economic profitability of tilapia farming in Malawi and China, using data from 20 farmers both in Malawi and Guangxi Province, People’s Republic of China. Application of enterprise budget for profitability analysis showed that profits for tilapia were significantly different (p ≤ 0.05) between the two countries with Malawi registering a bigger benefit-cost ratio of 1.61 than 1.20 for China. However, 3 farms in Malawi posted losses during the production cycle. Breakeven price was $2.00 for Malawi against $1.26 for China. Sensitivity analysis was conducted to evaluate the influence of changes in price, feed, labour and fixed cost on net profit. Holding all conditions constant, sensitive coefficient for price was relatively high for Malawian farms at 2.63 followed by feed, labour and fixed cost at -0.70, -0.36 and -0.32 respectively. Si.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9546.1000535

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