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Review of Public Administration and Management
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Ezekiel Major Adeyi

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    Social Integration: A Nation-Building Strategy for Nigeria’s Federalism
    Author(s): Nanji Umoh and Ezekiel Major AdeyiNanji Umoh and Ezekiel Major Adeyi

    Federalism was adopted for Nigeria to effectively manage her multi-nationalities through negotiations and compromises on issues of political and national importance. As a system of government, it allows for the existence, side by side, of a myriad of groups differentiated by culture, history, norms and so forth and necessitates forging a common identity unclouded by ethnic cleavages as a prelude to national growth and development. The paper traces the evolution of Nigeria’s federalism through the colonial and post-colonial era to examine the influence of governance or the lack of it over the nation-building processes in Nigeria. This is imperative if the threats to her social, political and economic development posed by problematic nuances including power sharing, ethnicity and religion must be effectively addressed. These have defined Nigeria’s history, dotted her sociopo.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2315-7844.1000258

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