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Cardiovascular Pharmacology: Open Access
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Erich Cosmi

Erich Cosmi

Department of Woman’s and Child’s Health University of Padova Italy

Erich Cosmi was born in Rome, Italy on December 1st, 1973. He entered the school of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", Rome, Italy in the 1993-1994 academic year, and was graduated on July 13th, 1999 summa with Laude, discussing his scientific work entitled: new therapeutical prevention of NRDS by in-utero surfactant administration. During his scholarship, Erich Cosmi was invited for three consecutive periods (1994-1996-1998), each period lasting three months, at the Yale University School of Medicine, Connecticut, USA, where he worked with Dr. Gabor Huszar in the Physiology Sperm laboratory and entered in a Research program concerning Reproductive Medicine.
Research Interest
Gynecology, Fetal Development, Obstetric Delivery, Maternal Health, Anesthesia

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