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Eemil Oskari

Eemil Oskari


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    A Review on Ophthalmology using Nanotechnology
    Author(s): Alisa Matilda, Eemil Oskari, Samuel Topias and Otto MatildaAlisa Matilda, Eemil Oskari, Samuel Topias and Otto Matilda

    The optic nerve transmits visual data from the retina to the mind. At the point when harmed in grown-up well evolved creatures, the optic nerve does not recover. Optic neuropathies, for example, glaucoma are a main reason for visual deficiency around the world. Optic neuropathies can likewise happen after ischemia, aggravation, contamination, neoplasia, injury, and/or as a consequence of innate conditions. A standout amongst the most energizing remedial methodologies to advance optic nerve recovery is nanomedicine. Nanomedicine uses the gathering and control of structures short of what 100 nanometers in size to treat malady. Structural components, for example, protein-covered Nano fibers and social occasion toward oneself peptide platforms are intended to improve axon recovery. Nanoscale circles can convey intraocular weight bringing down pharmaceuticals and restorati.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7439.1000272

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