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Bedadyuti Mohanty

Bedadyuti Mohanty

Chennai-603203, Tamil Nadu

  • Short Communication
    Dementia: Neuropathology Based on Changes in Tau Protein
    Author(s): Bedadyuti MohantyBedadyuti Mohanty

    Dementia is a clinical situation that requires novel practical dependence based on the dynamic memory failure and subjective loss, as its Latin source proposes: an exit from past mental functioning. The occurrence of dementia ascends with age, making it an undeniably common subject among the matured populace. The nature of manifestations among individuals with dementia is more dependent and helpless, both socially and regarding physical and psychological wellness, introducing advancing difficulties to society and to our medical services and hospitals. In spite of the apparently straightforward premise, the clinical analysis of dementia can be troublesome with de novo functional disability frequently clouded by physical weakness and misery. Clinical and neurotic basis for the fundamental dementia causing illnesses overlaps remarkably. The development of symptoms takes us into the patho.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-975X.1000249

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