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Azam I

Azam I


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    Tolomeres and Cancer
    Author(s): Iqbal RK, Azam I and Khalid RIqbal RK, Azam I and Khalid R

    Telomere protects the chromosomes in normal cells, and their shortening due to cell divisions and oxidative stress induces telomere shortening causing chromosomal instability. Telomerase is an enzyme that adds TTAGG telomeric repeats at chromosomal ends. The activity of telomerase enzyme plays a significant role in initiation and progression of cancer cells. In cancer cells the telomere length is maintained by telomerase enzyme. Cancer cells survive due to the activity of telomerase enzyme due to which the length of telomere is maintained and cell evades cell death mechanisms. In cancer cells telomere shortening or dysfunctional telomeres suppress cancer progression and development due to the activation of cellular senescence pathway. In this review we summarize telomere structure, function and the role telomere plays in cancer development and progression. Hermen J. Muller and Barbara.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2167-7956.19.8.171

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