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Ankur B

Ankur B
Department of Biotechnology & Life Sciences, Institute of Biomedical Education & Research, Mangalayatan University,

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    Microbial Fuel Cell: An Efficient Method to Utilize Prokaryotic Potential to Engender Reliable Energy
    Author(s): Ankur B and Shipra SAnkur B and Shipra S

    A MFC (Microbial Fuel Cell), a microbial power module is a novel and exquisite advancement serving reasonable and green bio-vitality change innovation in the midst of microbial assimilation of regular acids and sugars. In commenced work twofold microbial operated energy chambers were constructed with diverged nature of microorganisms. In MFC-R1, E. coli (Escherichia coli) was utilized in anode slot while in MFC-R2, the sludge samples, anaerobically activated were exploited as anode and aerobically activated in cathode. The extreme yield of voltage was 150 mV in MFC-R1 after adding glucose and 400 mV in MFC-R2. In absence of appropriate air circulation in MFC-R1 voltage yield was diminished to 110 mV, while after proper aeration, the voltage yield has increased up-to 140 mV. In MFC-R2 voltage generation was reduced (250 mV) in deficiency of airing and increased up-to .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/1948-5948.1000398

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