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Ali Akhtar

Ali Akhtar


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    Clinical Application of Nightingale's Theory
    Author(s): Anila Naz Ali Sher and Ali AkhtarAnila Naz Ali Sher and Ali Akhtar

    This Paper is based on the Florence Nightingale theory and application of her theory on clinical grounds for the improvement of nursing practice. A careful step by step approach is being adopted to discuss case scenario, main concepts of theory, analysis, hypothesis and conclusion. Since, diabetes mellitus is becomes a major cause of morbidity and mortality throughout the world. Unavailability of better nursing services, petty management, poor personal cleanliness and congested environment is one of the reasons of compromised care of diabetic patients. Therefore, the paper focusing on a lot of things which could be better while providing care to a diabetic patient to modify the environment and to make the patient feel better by implementing Florence nightingale theory principles. This paper would enable the readers to identify all environmental factors which can ex.. Read More»

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